Days Gone PS5 - SURROUNDED - A Simplified Run That Gets The Gold Score, EASILY.

Borislav 247

Borislav 247

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Hi Folks, here is my latest video that focuses on the SURROUNDED challenge. I have come up with a run that simply ensures an easy gold score. No messing about with subchallenges on this one. This run simply focuses on clearing the first 2 horde waves, before starting to run up the multiplier. I hope you all enjoy the video.

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Days Gone PS5 - SURROUNDED - A Simplified Run That Gets The Gold Score, EASILY.
Days Gone PS5 - SURROUNDED - A Simplified Run That Gets The Gold Score, EASILY.
Days Gone PS5 - SURROUNDED - A Simplified Run That Gets The Gold Score, EASILY.
Days Gone PS5 - SURROUNDED - A Simplified Run That Gets The Gold Score, EASILY.
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Carlos Lobo
2023-09-14 02:22:40

Something happens to me at the very beginning, when I first collect all the objects (I do it as fast as possible) and I am ready to start with the distractor the challenge suddenly stop. Think is bc of too much time without killing any freaker, but don't know

Tyler Louis
2023-07-15 01:09:23

This is either patched or there’s something weird happening in your or my game. Your multiplier stays around for absurdly long and mine almost INSTANTLY disappears. Could be a bug too as this game is absolutely loaded with annoying bugs. The freaks in my game are noticeably faster too. So this method ends up in a mess.

Nick C
2023-06-28 17:45:49

God, these challenges REALLY suck.

2023-06-22 10:09:09

Thanks for the video but sadly to say I think the freaks move much faster now. I don't know if they updated the game to make it harder because I'm playing on PC and in your video the freaks move so much slower than in my game. For example when you put the first distractor down and then kill some and then jump down and run back around to the town hall. You have plenty time to get there. However when I try that I don't even get 1/2 way to the town hall and all of the freaks that where up to top of the stairs are already in front of me. Same when it comes to the bus. I don't even get time to do anything while in full sprint and the freaks catch up. No area. but after watching your video a few times the freaks are definitely moving slower.

2023-06-05 01:12:08

You make Everything look so easy....

2023-04-28 20:54:25

man, the calm you just ran this Challenge

CS12 Gaming
2023-04-20 21:36:41

Getting 1 billion is gonna be a real challenge. Let alone 2 billion. The top 25 have at least 300 million. You're right about getting familiar with the building interiors. If you don't know where the exit is or a window to jump out of, you're dead.

bouke 123321
2023-04-15 09:43:22

thank you for this, got the golden badge

Becks Gaming
2023-04-11 18:03:09

Been struggling so much on this only got bronze at 50k, so just watched your video, and I immediately know where I've been going wrong. Thank you 😊everyday a school day in DG 😅 challenges I tagged you in one of my vid Keep them safer hope you didn't mind 😊👌

Rouven Sözüer
2023-04-07 19:47:42

Let’s goooo

Brendon Binko
2023-03-15 02:53:10

Have not tried it yet but looks solid! Good job, man.

2023-03-09 01:57:53

Thank you

Thane Russo
2023-03-04 18:32:05

ive run this exact same route about 75 times. never once had them spawn in that bottom corner. Seems nearly impossible.

Wim Ooijen
2023-02-27 10:25:00

Great video!!

2023-02-14 20:51:00

Amazing! Ive been trying to do this all day.

Alex G
2023-02-07 10:29:54

Wanna try this tonight, hope can be my 5th Gold

Jordan Barnett
2023-01-28 03:57:31

Omg I can’t get this done or many of the other challenges, I will literally pay you if you can do them for me on my account I’m so desperate for this 100% trophy completion for dying light

2023-01-22 09:21:24

worked like a charm!

giga noob
2023-01-04 19:27:11

how come the multiplier lasts so long:?

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