Gradius Gaiden (Video Game)

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PSX Longplay [082] Gradius Gaiden


🤍 Played by: Valis77 - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

Gradius Gaiden (PSX), HARDEST, 2 players


Me and my friend have been going to this for a long time and finally: the first loop of Gradius Gaiden (Playstation 1) on the hardest is beaten! Second loop on the way! Subscribe please=) I want 100 followers, to be able change url channel's name=)

Gradius Gaiden (PS1) Full Run (Loop 4) on Hardest


Gradius Gaiden (グラディウス外伝) System & Settings: PlayStation 1, Hardest Difficulty Well, here it is, a 4-loop clear of Gradius Gaiden on real PS1 hardware! I believe Loop 4 is where the game reaches max difficulty. It's similar to loop 3 but there are even more suicide bullets from certain enemies, and they also appear to move faster. Loop 1: 🤍 Loop 2: 🤍 Loop 3: 🤍 Loop 5: 🤍 No emulators, cheats, hacks, or any of that crap was used in this video.

[PSX 60fps] Gradius Gaiden(2 Loops) Longplay


Gradius Gaiden (グラディウス外伝 Gradiusu Gaiden) is a 1997 horizontal scrolling shooter video game developed and published by Konami for the PlayStation console. The game was released exclusively in Japan on August 28, 1997 and was later re-released on November 20, 2003 as part of the PSone Books collection. Gradius Gaiden didn't see availability outside Japan until the release of Gradius Collection on the PlayStation Portable, which was released worldwide in 2006. Gradius Gaiden is the first game in the Gradius series to incorporate 3D graphics. title image : 🤍 #psx #retrogaming #longplay #gradius

Gradius Gaiden PlayStation 2 player Netplay 60fps


Gameplay starts at 2:59. Best viewed in 60 fps. I'm player 1 and Metal Yoshi/Kirby is player 2. I had to use a save state at the last real boss because of a netplay desync.

Obscure Old Games: Gradius Gaiden


It's actually the 21st episode of Obscure Old Games. We started this show with a Konami shoot-'em-up, so let's celebrate 20+ episodes with another one. It's Gradius Gaiden! Game footage captured using a US PSP 2000 running component out to a Framemeister upscaled to 720p. This show is 100% funded by viewers like you on Patreon: 🤍 Logo by Eric Grider, check out his channel! 🤍 Box art courtesy of 🤍 Shmuplations interview: 🤍 Hardcore Gaming 101 Gradius Retrospective: 🤍

Gradius Gaiden (グラディウス外伝 Guradiusu Gaiden). [PlayStation]. 1LC. No Death. Hardest. 60Fps.


Gradius Gaiden. [PlayStation]. 1LC. No Death. Hardest. 60Fps. :- Played By PiE. - "April 12th, 2020". . A 1997 horizontal-scrolling shooter video game developed and published for the PlayStation by Konami. . #Konami #Gradius #Playstation

Gradius Gaiden (PSP) - All Bosses


#gradius #gradiusgaiden #psp #bosses #crazyghostchannel TIMELINE 00:00- Boss - Blizzard Crawler 00:45- Boss - Grave 01:47- Boss - Nobil 02:31- Boss - Shining Core 03:22- Boss - Metal Serpent 03:48- Boss - Moai Dimension 05:54- Boss - Mad Skin 07:11- Boss - Stinger Kid 07:43- Boss - Hunter Fang 08:08- Boss - Giga's Rose 08:43- Boss - Kraken 09:42- Boss - Laser Tetran 10:16- Boss - Parasite Core / Death Double 11:18- Boss - Triple Core 12:10- Boss - Deltatry 13:08- Boss - Juggler Core 14:00- Boss - Neo Big Core 15:01- Secret Boss - Heaven's Gate 15:54- Boss - Boost Core 16:49- Boss - Gunner Wall 17:38- Boss - Heavy Ducker 18:37- Boss - Sol 19:50- Final Boss - O.V.U.M.



Zeus presents Gradius Gaiden (un-emulated) for the Playstation, a true classic from the golden era of Playstation gaming which must not be forgotten alongside the software house and all programmers that were involved in making this game. Year of release: 1997 This Japanese Playstation exclusive takes place between Gradius III & IV and once again peace has not returned, you must therefor once again strap yourself into your trusty fighter and blast all those baddies away. The graphics again have improved and looks great, that combined with a pumping soundtrack that suits the game along with many power-up's to play around with and bad ass bosses makes this a very nice challenging PS1 exclusive shooter, so It's a crime it wasn't released to the western world especially considering 99% of the game text is in English and all the voices are in English, I had to download the game rom, burn it to CD and play it on my modified PAL PS1. I have used the invincibility Gameshark code so I could upload the entire game for your viewing pleasure. I hope all you Playstation fans enjoy this upload. Please note: NONE of my game uploads are emulated in any way whatsoever, they are 100% original recordings by myself taken directly from the original hardware the game was intended for, that way you know you're watching the real thing. I will also always state weather i am using any cheats in the game, if not mentioned then i am not using any. Check out my channel (🤍 dedicated to gamers who loved the games of yesteryear. Switch to 480p for best video quality and feel free to leave comments on my channel and vid's. Keeping the memory of the Playstation 1 and it's cool games alive!!!

Gradius Gaiden (PS1) Full Run (Loop 1) on Hardest


Gradius Gaiden (グラディウス外伝) System & Settings: PlayStation 1, Hardest Difficulty Well, here it is, a 4-loop clear of Gradius Gaiden on real PS1 Hardware!. This is where it all starts...loop 1. Loop 2: 🤍 Loop 3: 🤍 Loop 4: 🤍 Loop 5: 🤍 No emulators, cheats, hacks, or any of that crap was used in this or any of my other videos.

Gradius Gaiden V-Viper Hardest Loop 1 & 2.(Woman Voice)


Tool Assisted Note: Sound Effects are low.

Gradius Gaiden - PSX Complete Playthrough #105【Longplays Land】HD


Gradius Gaiden (グラディウス外伝 Gradiusu Gaiden) is a 1997 horizontal scrolling shooter video game developed and published by Konami for the PlayStation console. Gradius Gaiden didn't see availability outside Japan until the release of Gradius Collection on the PlayStation Portable, which was released worldwide in 2006. Gradius Gaiden is the first game in the Gradius series to incorporate 3D graphics. The core gameplay of Gradius Gaiden remains relatively unchanged. However, two new ships are made available whose weapon configurations are new to the series. Moreover, several changes were made on the weapons system. The chargeable E. Laser, the Reduce size shield, option types, are all items that have been removed in the transition from Gradius III to this title. The player can select from four ships instead of a broad range of several weapon configurations like from Gradius III. Missile, Double, and Laser weapons can be additionally powered up one level, a feature from the MSX Gradius games (the powerup bar even resembles the one from the MSX games). These power-ups are permanent until the player is destroyed, even if he switches between the Double and Laser powerups. There are two new types of shield: 'Guard', which attaches to the top and bottom of the craft and renders the player immune to physical obstacle collisions; and 'Limit', which gives complete invulnerability and lasts for three seconds. The difficulty level can also be adjusted from 'easiest' up to 'hardest', for a total of nine difficulty levels including the boss rush. On the easier difficulties, the more troublesome boss attacks are removed and the number of enemies on-screen is reduced. At the near end of the eighth stage starting from the second loop of the game play, a Core Warship is added. A player can rearrange the items in the power meter. This feature is only available in this edition in its series. There are two new ships: Jade Knight: Eponymously, every weapon this ship has is tinted green, including the options. Its missile, the spread bomb, is a carry-over from Gradius II. This ship has two different kinds of lasers available: round and pulse. The round laser, the most unusual weapon presented in this game, fires concentric rings of laser origination. The pulse laser is a two or three pronged burst laser, similar to the twin laser in previous titles. Falchion β: This ship's weapons are variations on well known themes. The Falchion has a two way missile called a rolling missile, which tumbles to the ground where it splits and shoots both left and right. It also has a three-way limited range shot called Auto-Aiming, that fires a second shot within the angles of 0 to 180. Its laser weapon is the gravity bullet, which is a newcomer to the Gradius series but is present in several earlier Parodius titles. It is based on the Spread Gun that is yielded by Pentarou in Parodius Da! and every title afterward. Despite the similarity in name, the "Falchion β" ship in Gradius Gaiden is not based on the titular ship of previous Konami game Falsion.

Gradius Gaiden (PS1) Full Run (Loop 2) on Hardest


Gradius Gaiden (グラディウス外伝) System & Settings: PlayStation 1, Hardest Difficulty Well, here it is, a 4-loop clear of Gradius Gaiden on real PS1 hardware! Loop 2 changes a few things up from the first loop. The biggest change is the addition of a new final boss called Heaven's gate for the stage 8 boss rush. There's a few other additions as well, namely: Stage 1: Snow waterfalls now drag you down towards the ground Stage 4: 2 extra Moai heads for the stage boss Stage 5: The boss fires 3 pink balls instead of 2 Stage 8: Most of the bosses have additional attacks and hazards. Stage 9: The boss of the speed stage can new kill you with his flames, they were avoidable in loop 1. Loop 1: 🤍 Loop 3: 🤍 Loop 4: 🤍 Loop 5: 🤍 No emulators, cheats, hacks, or any of that crap was used in this or any of my other videos.

Gradius Gaiden (PSP) - Secret Boss - Heaven's Gate


#gradius #gradiusgaiden #psp #bosses #crazyghostchannel TIMELINE 00:00- Secret Boss - Heaven's Gate

Gradius Gaiden [029] PS1/PSX Longplay/Walkthrough/Playthrough (FULL GAME)


Full Game Longplay [029] of Gradius Gaiden for PS1/PSX/PSOne (PlayStation), 1997. Complete Walkthrough and Playthrough. ▶BECOME A PATRON → 🤍 ▶More PlayStation games here - 🤍 ▶Twitter 🡒 🤍 ▶Instagram 🡒 🤍 ▶Facebook 🡒 🤍 ▶SUBSCRIBE 🡒 🤍 (VGL) #subscribe #virtualgaminglibrary #playstation

Gradius Ultimate Collection 2 -Gradius Gaiden- 15 Speed


Gradius Ultimate Collection 2 I do not own Gradius All Rights goes to Konami

Gradius Collection - Gradius Gaiden Stage 8 Boss Rush Loop 8 Hardest ( ULTIMATE BATTLE )


Finally my dream came true on clearing this stage with only machine gun by using vic viper 😁 I wonder if this is the best thing that the pro player can do against them because this might be the hardest challenge ever in this stage ... But to be honest i've found out just a few hours ago before making this video ( modestly ) that i'm confident to do better than this if i was told on clearing this stage by giving even more chances for the bosses to attack me until they blow themselves 😆 *Please Enjoy*

Evolution of Gradius Games/ グラディウスゲームの進化 /All Gradius Games / Comparison / Todos os jogos do Gradius


#gradius #konami #shooter Comparison video of Gradius / Nemesis / グラディウス (Konami 1985), featuring gameplay of the first level of the following versions: Gradius (グラディウス Guradiusu?) (pronúncia japonesa: Gladius) é uma série de jogos de tiro horizontal desenvolvido em 1985 pela Konami para arcade. Lançado originalmente na Europa como Nemesis, o jogo foi adaptado para vários consoles, tendo numerosas sequências.[1] Gradius (グラディウス, Guradiusu, /ˈɡræd.i.əs/ GRAD-ee-əss) is a series of shooter video games, introduced in 1985, developed and published by Konami for a variety of portable, console and arcade platforms. In many games in the series, the player controls a ship known as the Vic Viper. This video includes only official versions of the game. Please don't ask for clones or homebrews. They will be included in another video dedicated to unlicensed versions. Other versions have been discluded as they are pure emulation of versions already present in the video. Which is your favorite version? If you liked the video, subscribe to our channel and click on the bell icon to receive new updates.

Gradius Gaiden (PS1 on MiSTer) - 1st Loop ALL, Jade Knight (Limit & Gauge Edit)


Let's go in for some invincibility abuse! Watch live at 🤍



Originally this game was only released in Japan for the PS1. But it was made available to the rest of the world in 2006 via the Gradius Collection on the PSP. Here is my review of the 11th member of the Gradius family: GRADIUS GAIDEN

Gradius Gaiden Is It Worth It? (PlayStation)


This PlayStation exclusive is climbing in price, but is it worth the cash it now goes for? Let's take a look.

The History of Gradius - Complete Series | ChrisB Crisps


Learn the history behind the series that helped shape the shoot'em up genre and inspired some of the biggest pioneers in the gaming industry in this overview of the Gradius series over time. 0:00 - Introduction 1:37 - Part 1: Building the Foundation 3:16 - Part 2: Gradius is Born 11:28 - Part 3: Salamander, Life Force, and Life Force 17:09 - Part 4: A True Sequel 23:00 - Part 5: The Grand Finale? 28:26 - Part 6: Departure Again 31:06 - Part 7: Side Story 34:21 - Part 8: Revival 37:44 - Part 9: Handheld Heaven 41:09 - Part 10: An Experience to Treasure 45:24 - Part 11: ReBirth and Demise 47:44 - Part 12: The Legacy 51:58 - Credits Corrections: Gradius NEO did make it outside of Japan. (Thank you xiaochicash!) "Gradius" is actually spelled out in katakana on the front of Nemesis' Japanese MSX box (Thank you Daniel bichet!) Additional Gradius videos to check out!: dezm101 - Gradius Lore and History - 🤍 Special Thanks: Azita (KittyMecha) Generations-MSX Gameplay Credits: xRavenXP - 🤍 mitu123Copper - 🤍 insanitylongplay - samanuioske_q8 - 🤍 PEG - 🤍 World of Longplays - Valis77, SCHLAUCHI, RickyC, Tsunao - 🤍 NintendoComplete - 🤍 arronmuntroe - 🤍 LaserSauce Retro Archives - 🤍 phoenix1291 - 🤍 Gameplay, No Talk - 🤍 10min Gameplay - 🤍 dezm101 - 🤍 Klause Scholz - 🤍 Old Classic Retro Gaming - 🤍 Longplays Land - 🤍 Minase - 🤍 MrHydragon - 🤍 TBYVGS BOS - 🤍 hirudov2d- 🤍 Larry Longplay - 🤍 G3Fleako - 🤍 Virtual Gaming Library - VGL - 🤍 kirgeez - 🤍 yato1967 /やと工房 - 🤍 FCPlaythroughs - 🤍 STG - SLK - 🤍 ZeroFichas! - 🤍 Free Emulator - 🤍 eklypze - 🤍 Seiculla - 🤍 Retro Hawk - 🤍 MungoMcGuire - 🤍 edusword - 🤍 Shepardus - 🤍 SNES drunk zallard1 Andrey Panchenko Chaos Emerald saucykobold SilentVideoGamer Iván Rodríguez RedSevenNine Universo Games GAMEタカラ島可児店 E24K Lawson ValisHD Victor Martinez Ko Ramdeo pop'n music Y Silent K Gaming misternoobie andyxdr DAIKI . K AuraChannelerChris jake perkins hnksavior hell2omega Spidey pairat kongcharoen Nao Click Games Deep Clear Eyes Silent K Gaming Gradius Galaxies VRC6 Music Arrangments: Shimoine Sprite Rips: Magma MK-II Candy Cabinets Arcade: Rocco Sources: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Gradius, Salamander, Life Force, Gradius 2, Gradius II: GOFER no Yabo, Gradius III, Nemesis, Gradius: The Interstellar Assault, Salamander 2, Gradius Gaiden, Gradius IV, Gradius Generation / Galaxies/ Advance, Gradius V, Gradius ReBirth #gradius #shmup #salamander #life #force #stg #parodius #otomedius

(CC) 1CC "Demo": Gradius Gaiden (PSP) - 3 Loop Clear on Hardest


(check the pinned comment for why this is merely a "demo") (Subtitles/CC available for gameplay tips and additional notes) Gradius Gaiden ©1997 Konami I would consider Gaiden the pinnacle of the Gradius series: Amazing soundtrack, spectacular design, fairly balanced difficulty... this is just easily the best game in the series by a freaking mile. Originally released exclusively in Japan for the Playstation, Gradius Gaiden takes everything great about the Gradius games and adds even more great things to it. For starters, instead of just selecting different weapon types, you actually have the selection between four different ships: Vic Viper, Lord British, Jade Knight, and Falchion Beta. A lot of players will pick the Jade Knight for its Round Laser or the Falchion Beta for its Gravity Bullet, but I find both of those loadouts to be a bit cheap. Lord British isn't that great either, but the Vic Viper works out nicely for this game. This game also brings back double-upgradable weapons. For the Vic Viper, Missiles will now penetrate enemies, the Double adds a third shot going behind the Vic Viper (making it the best weapon in the game by a long shot), and the Laser becomes even longer. Just the Double alone makes the Vic Viper an obvious choice. The Playstation version does have 2-player co-op, but sadly this was removed in the PSP port. Gaiden also adds two new Shield types: You have the Guard, which makes you invulnerable to terrain, and the Limit, which grants you three seconds of pure invincibility. In addition, Gaiden gives you the option of customizing the order of your power-up bar. So, what a lot of players like to do is place stuff like the Shield, Options, and Laser at the front of the meter so that they can get to full power even faster. However, I don't find this to be nearly as fun as using the standard SMDLO? order, and this game is already quite generous with power-ups anyways, so I stick with the default order. I also find the Limit incredibly cheap, as you can just spam it over and over for an easy win. Shield and Guard aren't that great either, so I stick with the good 'ol Force Field. The hardest difficulty of Gradius Gaiden bumps the loop 1 rank to the same as loop 2 on Normal, where enemies have a 25% chance of return fire. In loop 2, this increases to 50%, and from loop 3 onward, every enemy not killed within close range will return fire. The higher loops of Gaiden also offer significant changes to the level design, regardless of difficulty. This includes: - the waterfalls pushing your ship down in stage 1 - two additional heads for the Moai Dimension boss in stage 4 - Mad Skin firing 3 balls at a time instead of 2 - additional enemies scattered throughout stage 6 - a complete layout change of stage 7 - multiple alterations to bosses in the boss rush, including a high-loop exclusive boss in the form of Heaven's Gate - Boost Core's flames can actually kill you on higher loops - Sol's pattern is completely different on higher loops So, it would make sense that I'd want to get a multi-loop run of this game, as there's just so much to show off. And that's not even counting the other elements of stage design in this game that are just fantastic. There's a branching path in stage 2 with a different boss to fight in each end, both of which are showcased in this run. The volcano stage has a black hole behind you tearing apart the level as you go through it. The boss rush is hands down one of my favorites in terms of the bosses' design and the music. But perhaps my favorite is the high speed section of stage 9, which was intentionally designed to fit with the progression of the song, Speed, in the perfect way. Oh, and I did I mention that this game has an amazing OST? Massive credit to Norikazu Mirua for composing this masterpiece. I love this game, and I would 100% recommend it for anybody who wants to get into Gradius just to see how awesome it is. I'm very proud of this run, and honestly would've wanted it to get at least a little further into Loop 4. Still happy to have this achievement under my belt, and at just the right time, too. Happy 25th to this masterpiece of a game! Played on my PSP using Gradius Collection.

MiSTer FPGA - Gradius Gaiden (グラディウス外伝) [1cc Vic Viper] / PlayStation


My first 1cc for Gaiden! Barely made it through, and after returning to the title screen I see a stage select is unlocked so I can directly practice the 2nd loop now! This game is tremendous fun & I'd like to continue improving to get a no-miss clear of the 1st loop and make it through the 2nd with a single credit. After that, perhaps try one of the other ships or a co-op session since that's now an option! Lots of replayability in this one, especially with how the stages dynamically change depending on your power-up levels and even introduce new gameplay mechanics when you get to the 2nd loop, like the avalanches on the first stage which actually pull your ship down now. This led to a quick death on loop 2 in this video, but it is really neat that they don't just limit the difficulty increase to 'faster enemies/more bullets' like most other games. Bosses also seem to change pattern significantly when ranked up or on the 2nd loop. Amazing effort by Konami in this Japan-only PS1 gem. This was the proper continuation of the Gradius arcade experience, and it's a shame it never saw a broader release at the time. Decided to finally dive into this one after seeing ShmupJunkie's recent video on Konami shooters last week- check it out here: 🤍 The PlayStation core was created by FPGAzumSpass, whom previously brought us the GBA, Lynx and WonderSwan cores, along with enhancements to the Game Boy and NES cores, and significantly improved performance in the AO486 core. You can support his Patreon here: 🤍 - PSX core 2022-10-23 build - Gradius Gaiden (グラディウス外伝) 1cc Vic Viper Loop 1 Normal // Final Score: 744,930 Filter Hori: Gaussian Sharp 70 // Filter Vert: Scanlines - Adaptive\40_70 Gamma: Poly 2.3 // Shadow Mask: MG Stripe Played using a Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA (with Seimitsu LS-62 lever) arcade stick & 1ms USB polling. Video: Fullscreen scaled to 1080p // HDMI to Datapath e1s capture card - |:=-Timestamps-=:| 00:00​​ - Boot 00:42​​ - Intro / Demo 07:12 - Stage 1 10:06 - Stage 2 13:24 - Stage 3 16:58 - Stage 4 22:54 - Stage 5 26:23 - Stage 6 33:36 - Stage 7 37:27 - Stage 8 44:07 - Stage 9 51:35 - Ending / Credits / Loop 2 - Occasional livestreams on Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 =-CONTRIBUTE-= None of this would be possible without the constant hard work of Sorgelig. It cannot be overstated how much he has done and continues to do for this project, since its beginning. You can support him either at his Patreon in the link below, or on Paypal, depending on your preference. MiSTer is a paradigm shift in how we can experience these classic games. This is a long-term preservation project that will continue to grow so that gamers today and in the future can experience these excellent systems as accurately and lag-free as possible. Donating what you can will help keep the updates coming. Thank you. Patreon: 🤍 PayPal: 🤍 NOTE: I am not affiliated with Sorgelig and am only sharing these links as a fan of the project who wishes to see it continue to grow rapidly. =-INFORM-= Github link for this core: 🤍 MiSTer Forum: 🤍 MiSTer Documentation: 🤍 Official MiSTer Discord (live chat/help): 🤍 (Be respectful; this server is moderated. New users must be verified.) =BUILD= Worldwide list of sellers for MiSTer expansion boards: 🤍 I have personally ordered all my parts from 🤍 and have been 100% satisfied with the quality and service there. (North American seller. If in a different region, check list linked above for best local shipping rates.)

Gradius Gaiden - Gradius Deluxe Pack - Intro HD - remastered


グラディウス Gradius Gaiden and Gradius Deluxe Pack for PlayStation PS1 - fully HD remastered with special software tools, audio enhanced too. Only a new rendering looks better. ) Enjoy this cool intros in a excellent quality, this is the best version worldwide! :)

Gradius Gaiden PS1 Review


Better late than never as last night was one hell of a banger. Konami revamped the Castlevania serries on the Playstation 1 bringing the retro platformer to the modern day but could it do it a second time with another one of it's legendary franchises? Watch and find out asshole!

Gradius Gaiden - Co-op 1CC


Gradius Collection - Gradius Gaiden Stage 6 & Stage 7 Loop 8 Hardest


this is me playing Gradius Collection game selected Gradius Gaiden on Stage 6 & Stage 7 Loop 8 Hardest ^_^ ships used ( Lord.B & Jade Knight ) in stage 7 i've noticed something which completely pissed me off :( the game was suddenly processing too slow while i was in the middle of the Gameplay -_- i first thought that it was because i've forgot the ( wait level ) option switched to level 1 or the difficulty was on easiest -_- but after i've checked the option it WAS ON HARDEST NO WAIT LEVEL !!! :( i was surprised on why it was slow even on hardest with no wait level ... then i've remembered that i'm using remotejoy ... and i've checked the file size and it was TOO LARGE !!! O_o i've quickly discovered the reason after i've checked all of that -_- if you all remember my latest Gradius Collection Game Show ( The Remake ) in Gradius II Gofer No Yabou all of you had noticed that the game was too slow due to slow sent signals ... but after i've checked on why that stage for Gradius Gaiden black hole SPECIALLY was too slow i've found out that both Gradius Gaiden stage 7 and Gradius II Gofer No Yabou wasn't slow because of that slow signals sending ... because i've remembered quickly about something funny that my computer was ALSO slow when i was recording them both ... then i've finally found the results ... the F##### background image for stage 7 and also in Gradius II Gofer No Yabou was the reason on why it was slow because it's quality is STRONG and processing very quickly with too many pixels!!! T_T XD that should explains it XD and i hope that everyone will understand on why did i explained all of that because i don't want anyone to call me a cheater in ANY Gradius game XD

Gradius Gaiden (PS1) - Vic Viper + Jade Knight Doubleplay on Easiest (60 FPS)


When Vic Viper isn't simping for Miyuki, that's when he gets real serious

Gradius Gaiden - Vic Viper - PS1 Playthrough


Developer: Konami Publisher: Konami Release Date: August 28, 1997

Gradius Gaiden "How To Play"


We already know how Gradius plays, but there's one reason to not play it yet once it gets to the title screen. That's right, an additional stage and some pallette-shifted versions of minor enemies, that never (in my opinion) appear in the main game.

Gradius Collection - Gradius Gaiden Stage 8 Boss Rush Loop 8 Hardest ( The Remake )


now it's time for the true rage to be unleashed !!! the battle for the sake of the universe is at it's fastest and turned into a storm of bullets !!! the falchion beta will be our leading warrior in this battle among the worst nightmares in the universe !!! which one will survive ? the hero or the villain ? the answer will come closer in each second the battle goes ! *Please Enjoy*

Game Boy Advance Longplay [052] Gradius Galaxies


🤍 Played by Tsunao Konami-developed game. I guess it deals with the Bacterian again. Shmup = no plot!! Same ol' Gradius goodness! There are four types of Power-ups. This longplay no-skills through one loop on default settings with Type C. This ended up wrecking the game. I also input the Konami code in this game. :3 I missed a secret or something. =/ I was suppose to fly through something. On Loop 2, the first stage, or something, will have the music from Gradius. - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

Gradius Ultimate Collection 2 -Gradius Gaiden- 17 Big Ducker


Gradius Ultimate Collection 2 I do not own Gradius All Rights goes to Konami

Gradius Gaiden - PS - Loop 1 No Miss


Gradius Gaiden PlayStation Player: Kiken No miss Loop 1

Birthday Week 2020: Gradius marathon - Gradius Gaiden


Black and white bc streaming from PSP with a GV-USB2 in Composite Watch live at 🤍

Let's Play Gradius Gaiden


Before I start my playthrough of Fire Emblem Echoes, I wanted to play a couple other short games before I start that game. This one is one of my all time favorites, Gradius Gaiden. Community Discord: 🤍 Shiny Vacation's Channel: 🤍 Madtracking's Channel: 🤍

Gradius Gaiden: PS1 (Actual Hardware)


A look at this work of art on the ps1

Gradius Gaiden - 3-Loop Clear on Hardest (1/3)


Gradius Gaiden © 1997 Konami Write stuff later

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