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Eve Online In 2023


Download Omniheroes NOW 🤍 to claim a free Valkyrie, limited skins, and unlock the 2nd round of 777 FREE summons. #omniheroes Eve Online for the past 20 years has been the number 1 most popular sci fi space sandbox MMORPG, this game initially released all the way back in May 2003 and over the years has not only gone through numerous updates to keep itself up to date with other MMOs visually, but it’s also a game that’s fostered some of the most legendary battles and stories ever to have taken place in the MMO genre. Just to name a few epic moments in Eve Online you had the battle of B-R5RB, a 21 hour long war in which 7,500 players battled it out and nearly 11 trillion ISK worth of ships were destroyed. The Massacre at M2-XFE which held two Guinness world records with $378,000 worth of ships being destroyed. What do you think about Eve Online in 2023? Is this game still the number 1 sci-fi MMORPG? should new players start playing today? let me know in the comments below! Links ► Twitch TV: 🤍 ► Facebook: 🤍 ► TikTok: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► Instagram Personal: 🤍 ► Instagram Gaming: 🤍 ► Edited By: 🤍 Eve Online 2023 Steam Description THE #1 SPACE MMO EVE Online is the largest single shard space MMO of all time. With over 7,000 solar systems and nearly 20 years of rich player-created history, join this storied universe and play free to experience everything from immense PvP or PvE battles to mining, exploration, and industry. Seize your destiny as an immortal, a Capsuleer capable of piloting over 350 fully customizable starships from small, nimble Frigates to formidable Battleships and massive Freighters. Embark on a solo adventure through the twisting nexus of wormhole space, form a mighty industrial empire to transform athe building blocks of the universe, or take up arms with likeminded players to conquer vast frontiers together. Who will you be in New Eden? PLAY FREE Experience this vast spaceship MMO for free as an Alpha Clone with access to Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, Battlecruisers, and Battleships of any faction. Enterprising Capsuleers may also choose to upgrade to Omega Clone for unlimited Ship access and double training speed. SINGLE SHARD, SINGLE SERVER SANDBOX As a single sharded MMO, all players of EVE Online play on the same server across all timezones. Jump in and join thousands of players in the greatest space sandbox there is. Every decision you make, battle you win, and system you claim becomes a part of the long, rich history of New Eden. Where will you leave your mark? GAMING'S BIGGEST BATTLES There's no limit on what you can accomplish as a Capsuleer. EVE currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest multiplayer video game PvP battle - 8,825 players in a single conflict. Take part in massive spaceship battles from day one or train up and command those fleets yourself. PLAYER DRIVEN ECONOMY EVE's player economy is one of unprecedented scale. The single shard nature of the universe makes for a single economy spread across thousands of space stations. Whether you want to trade on the local markets, produce new ships and equipment, or make cunning investments based on knowledge of player politics, it's all possible. LIMITLESS CHOICES Pursue a life of exploration, warfare, prosperity, or all of the above! Pilot over 350 different vessels and customize it to your liking with thousands of unique modules. Modify your ship as a fast and nimble fighter or design it from the ground up as a heavily shielded brawler to go toe to toe with others. Feeling lucky? Take a chance and modify your equipment further using alien technology found deep in Abyssal Deadspace. CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT With over 17 years of active development and free expansions, EVE is one of the longest running space MMOs out there. Join a thrilling universe filled with the unrelenting activity and combined history of millions of other players! Tags eve online mmorpg eve online 2023 beginner new player 2023 MMO Sci-Fi space ships professions money making space star citizen eve online first impressions eve online battle eve epic moments eve online beginner 2023 eve expansion trailer free to play mmo open world combat skip battles ccp games eveonline thelazypeon is it worth playing? Eve Online In 2023 🤍

Eve Online, From a NEW Players Perspective!


Play EVE and get 1,000,000 Skill Points free! Explore unknown space, become an industry tycoon, or join the biggest PvP battles in gaming by using me link: 🤍 #sponsored 🔴 WATCH LIVE : 🤍 🐦 TWITTER: 🤍 📷 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 If you enjoyed the video, make sure to leave a like and comment on the video! Thank you ❤️ 👪 Community Discord: discord.gg/guzu 💼 Business Email : guzu🤍afkcreators.com #MMORPG

EVE Online - Official Gameplay Trailer - Play Free!


🤍 👈🚀 Start Playing EVE for FREE! Official gameplay video and introduction for EVE Online. Download and play for free, immersing yourself in the biggest single shard spaceship MMO of all time! Experience space exploration, immense PvP and PvE battles, multiple professions and activities, as well as a thriving player economy. The ever-expanding sandbox of EVE allows you to choose your own unique space adventure from countless options. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Gameplay Introduction - 0:30 The Capsuleer - 1:15 Ships - 1:40 Skill Training - 2:15 Activities - 3:10 Market & Industry - 4:06 Community 4:47 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: - Start playing EVE for free at 🤍 - To learn more about current, past, and future updates, head to 🤍

Is It Worth Playing EVE Online Solo in 2023?


Claim 1 million free skillpoints by signing up through our refer a friend link (much appreciated): 🤍 SOLO IS DEAD! Or is it? Is it worth playing EVE Online solo? It is an MMO afterall... Well in this video I share my take on the issue after more than 10 years as a capsuleer! There’s a lot of ways to play EVE Online but the sheer amount of stuff there is to do in the game can be pretty overwhelming for a lot of new players because unlike a lot of other games, EVE doesn’t point you in any particular direction or tell you what to do once you complete the tutorial. It teaches you the basics and then releases you into this massive universe with seemingly endless possibilities, a mountain of things to learn and skills to train and basically no advice on where to even begin figuring it all out. It can be a pretty brutal, but one of the most common questions I get on my other EVE Online videos is whether or not it’s even possible to play this game solo and actually succeed at it, and the simple answer is yes, although it might not seem so for the first couple of months. The fact is though that it’s completely playable solo, whether you want to be a casual miner or you’re interested in doing pve combat sites and missions, or become a hardcore pvper taking on entire fleets on your own, you can do it all and actually succeed at it as a solo player, with only a handful of rare exceptions. Will you die? Yes, everybody dies in EVE whether you’re in a fleet or not, and if you’re not dying or at least getting into situations that routinely make you soil yourself then you’re not playing it right. It’ll be rough, it’ll be hair rasing and it’ll test your nerves to the limit from time to time, even when you’re doing something you think should be fairly safe, but it will also be one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences you can have in gaming. Period. And you’ll remember the most thrilling moments from your capsuleer career for the rest of your life. But before we get more into all that, let me address the most obvious question probably on a lot of peoples minds right now. Why would you want to play an MMO solo when the very name Massively Multipler Online, suggests that the game was built to be played with other people, especially when everything allegedly becomes so much easier when you join a corp and do stuff together as a fleet instead, and as someone who prefers spending most of my gaming time doing my own thing, I feel like I can answer this one with a fair bit of insight… Quite frankly, people have a tendency to… How can I put this? … Well People Suck. Now before you blow up into a G-Fuel enduced gamer rage in the comments, obviously I don’t mean everyone and not all the time, quote un-quote “people” can be pretty awesome when they want to be, but generally speaking I find things just go a lot smoother when I know what I’m doing and what I want to achieve, and there’s nobody else around getting involved with their opinions and ideas or showing up 30 minutes late to a pre-planned fleet op, or turning up on time and then starting to fit out their ship, eSPECIALLY when we’re talking about a bunch of random gamers who’ve never met trying to work together to achieve the impossible, where half of them are getting chewed out by their wives for not helping out more around the house, and the other half are watching Band of Brothers and doing their taxes on their second monitor. Yeah I know you know what I’m talking about. So to answer the question, I enjoy playing MMO’s solo because it’s just simpler. There’s no drama, there’s no personality clashes or feelings that can get hurt, and after 8 hours of work, sometimes I just want to come home and turn on a game and be around other people, without necessarily interacting with them and having to be ‘on’ all the time, and I expect there’s a lot of people out there who feel the same way, and that’s how I’ve spent most of my 10 years playing EVE. #eveonline

EVE Online | Down the Rabbit Hole


When a small team of developers set out to create the game of their dreams, their struggle for success quickly becomes a struggle to manage it. Patreon: 🤍 Full soundtrack available here: 🤍 Credits song: "Home" by Prisoner's Cinema: 🤍 Music composed and performed by Ryan Probert 🤍 Saxophones by Naomi Sullivan 🤍 Voices by Emily Abdy & May Chi 🤍 🤍 "Home" written, produced, mixed & performed by Prisoner’s Cinema Saxophones by Naomi Sullivan Prisoner’s Cinema are: Luke Deane, Ryan Probert & May Chi 🤍 Mastered by Chris Probert Graphic Design and Animation by Christopher "Arcaxon" Malouin-Monjaraz 🤍 🤍 Additional Animations by Lilliana Deere Intro: 0:00 Section 1: 2:24 Section 2: 18:04 Section 3: 38:49 Section 4: 47:01 Section 5: 55:25 Section 6: 1:09:37 Section 7: 1:24:18 Section 8: 1:30:58 Section 9: 1:45:35 Section 10: 1:57:12 Section 11: 2:14:46 Section 12: 2:22:31 Section 13: 2:28:50 Section 14: 2:38:12 Section 15: 2:50:56 Section 16: 3:04:26 Section 17: 3:19:13 Section 18: 03:26:42 Section 19: 03:35:51 Section 20: 3:46:31 Section 21: 4:00:30 Section 22: 4:13:02 Section 23: 4:30:39 Section 24: 4:38:39 Section 25: 4:52:57 Section 26: 5:03:53 Section 27: 5:12:37 Section 28: 5:43:32 Outro: 5:47:34 hi

WHY PLAY EVE ONLINE in 2023? - And why this is one of my favorite games!


The mind-boggling scale of EVE Online PvP left me coming back for more over and over. This is one of my all time favorite games! Play EVE Online for FREE: 🤍 #ad #eve #eveonline Music licensed from TuneTank

Eve Online Explained in Five Minutes!


Ok not ALL of it but the 'top layer' overview of eve gameplay, meta, and the sandbox game concept for this MMO is explained here, and what makes Eve Online unique. Want to try Eve Online? Get 1 million free skillpoints to get ahead on ships etc with this link: 🤍 If you upgrade to Omega subscription it will also really help me out! Feel free to support the channel at 🤍

EVE Online Review


The EVE Online review looks at a game about political intrigue, slaying whales, and suffering while spinning your Talwar in station. Support the channel at: 🤍 or 🤍 I take video suggestions at mandaloremovies🤍gmail.com Twitter: 🤍 #EVE #EVEOnline #EVEOnlineReview #EVEReview #EVEOnlineGameplay #EVEMMO #WhatIsEVEOnline #EVEOnlinePC #EVEOnlinePVP 00:00 - Intro 00:43 - Game Background & Premise 2:11 - Mining & the New Player Experience 3:35 - Space Security & Ganking 5:54 - Hauling 6:27 - PVE 9:54 - Salvaging 10:36 - Trading 10:47 - The Playerbase 13:55 - Walking in Stations (No Longer Exists) 14:30 - Exploration 16:24 - Research & Manufacturing 17:19 - Planetary Interaction & Dust 514 19:52 - PVP 25:32 - Wormholes 26:40 - Monetization Model (EVE is MUCH More P2W Now) 27:58 - Miscellaneous Items & Conclusions 29:23 - Credits

🥳 EVE Online. кемпим


Првиет! Сегодня макс-кта, обещают большие лаги, сейчас проверим F.13 - Unoin Академия. Еженедельное обучение. Переход в нули. заходите в открытый дискорд, задавайте вопросы. Присоединяйтесь прямо сейчас Мы ищем много боя, выдаем корабли, много теряем и получаем кайф от пвп, а не вечного крабинга в неизвестность. Присоединяйтесь, летать с нами могут любые игроки. Обучаем новых игроков, ищем файты, чекаем ошибки, исправляемся и снова в бой! Тут можно задать вопросы в прямом эфире, даже если Вы не в нашей корпорации. Наш Discord, открыт для всех, заходи, задавай вопросы: Discord: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍bigsutener Twitch: 🤍 Trovo:🤍 Донат. Поддержать стримера: 🤍 Кинуть мемас в стрим: 🤍 Донат ISK, или вступить: Корпорация: "F.13 - Union of russians" Ник: "bigsutener bigsutener" Могу разыграть ваш ISK-донат в поддержку новых игроков!!! Это всегда в респекте 1 000 000 SP в подарок(15$):🤍 #eveonline #game #игры #eve #mmo #rpg - ивонлайн игры ив ммо рпг пвп обучение

Why NOW is The BEST Time To Play EVE Online


Claim 1 million free skillpoints by signing up through our refer a friend link (much appreciated): 🤍 On the surface EVE Online is a game about space. It’s an MMO set in a fictional universe known as New Eden where thousands of players fly around in spaceships, mining rocks, trading goods and shooting NPC’s… And each other… But describing it like that would be doing it a serious injustice, because there’s so much more to this game than meets the eye, and in this video I wanted to shed some light on what it’s actually like to play EVE for longer than a couple of weeks in the hope of helping new players find the same level of fun and freedom as I do, and following this video I’m planning on uploading a string of useful guides and tutorials sharing tips and tricks I’ve learned over the last decade or so with the aim of helping new players settle in and learn the ropes as quickly as possible, so if you like the sound of that then be sure to subscribe and turn on channel notifications so you don’t miss them. So there I was, flying around some dangerous space looking for data and relic sites to hack in my little frigate, the Caldari Navy Heron that’s got a bonus to probe scanning strength. It’s lightly armed and pretty weak, so it’s not something I want to get into a fight with, but suddenly what had been a pretty calm expedition instantly turned into a life or death situation that I wasn’t expected. I’d jumped through a stargate that connects to different solar systems, and once I came through on the other side I found myself surrounded by 3 pirates. Players in ships more than capable of tearing me a new one. They saw the stargate activate and knew someone had just jumped in, so they threw up a warp disruption bubble to prevent me being able to warp away, and that was that… I was now stuck inside a bubble with a 1 minute timer quickly counting down, after which my ship would decloak and I’d be dead meat. Ideas were racing through my head, my ship was full of about 2 hours worth of scanning, roughly 120 million ISK and I didn’t want to give it up without a fight, thankfully I had an idea of how to escape. If I could make it to the edge of the warp bubble I’d be able to warp away but it was 20 something kilometres away… With the timer running out I would soon be vulnerable, so I started moving towards the edge of the bubble, activated my ships cloaking device and smashed my microwarpdrive for a single burst before becoming invisible to the enemy. Trouble is, if anything gets within 2000m of a cloaked ship, the cloak fails and I’d be vulnerable again. My opponents seemed to know that as well, as they quickly begin charging back and fourth sweeping the area where they last saw me, trying to get within range to turn off my cloak so they could engage. They deployed drones, small little radio controlled attack bots that deal damage, but more importantly in this instance, they make it more likely that I’ll get decloaked… I thought all was lost, there was no way my little frigate was getting out of this alive. I watched as they paced backwards and forwards and up and down trying to find me as I tried my best to avoid them, flying manually away from their most likely trajectory. I felt like a U-boat captain trying to avoid depth charges in the second world war! Then all of a sudden they called off their search and warped away, possibly called on for help elsewhere in the system, and I took the opportunity to decloak and activate my microwarpdrive again to escape the bubble and warp away safely before they came back… I ended up making it back home safely from my expedition about 30 minutes later and cashed in on over 100 million ISK in profits, and with ISK in the bank, my ship in tact and a story to tell, I was ready to head out in search of my next adventure… #eveonline

This is EVE - Uncensored


EVE Online is the massively multiplayer sci-fi universe that has captivated countless gamers' imaginations for over a decade. "This is EVE" takes you into the game using in-game footage and the voice comms of actual players. Battle cries, calls to action, cheers of victory, panicked escapes and virtual high-fives... This is EVE Online. Note: This video contains strong language. Clean version: 🤍 Start playing EVE for free now: 🤍 Want to jump right in? Choose from our subscription offers at 🤍 EVE Online: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍eveonline

How EVE Online's Massive Virtual Wars Are Financed - How Money Works


Sign up for my newsletter 🤍 👈 eve online, (a massive multiplayer online spaceship game) is probably best know for two things. Making headlines about it’s massive in game conflicts involving tens of thousands of players and it’s incredibly realistic in game financial system which can make loosing a virtual spaceship just as consequential as loosing a phone or a car in the real world. Countless magazines, and even much more successful YouTube channels have talked about these two factors individually, but where I think they get really interesting is when they merge together. For a game about spaceships set 21,000 years in the future, EVE is surprisingly realistic, and that realism extends to these massive wars in the sense that they are expensive. The in game currency called ISK has an approximate exchange rate of about $6 per billion in game isk. Although it must be mentioned that trading this in game currency directly back or forth for real life money is actually against the rules of the game for now at least and will get you banned. Even still, this shows that in game assets have a very tangible real world value on the grey market, so when you see headlines about trillions of ISK been lost in these epic battles it gives you an idea of just how expensive it can be to wage entire wars in EVE Online. But this all begs a bigger question… Who or what funds these wars? With a price tag of hundreds of thousands of real world dollars and nothing but virtual space pride in return, it doesn’t sound like a very good deal… Right? Well, it’s time to learn how space money works, if you enjoy this video please consider liking and subscribing for new video’s like this one made every week. Ok so there are three really interesting and unique ways these major wars have been funded over the past 2 decades that this game has existed. But let’s start with the most basic one. #EVEOnline #EconomyOfEVE #HowMoneyWorks Music by Epidemic Sound & Eve Online Original Soundtrack Sign Up Link (if you want to try out the game) - 🤍 (This link gives both you and I rewards in the game)

How to play EVE Online (for Dummies - basic activites)


I explain the basics - EVE Online for dummies. Get 1 mil FREE Skillpoints on a new character: 🤍 Timestamps: Start (0:00) Why EVE is so good / How EVE works (0:51) How to fly your ship (4:05) The Overview (6:22) Warping / Fast travel (7:28) Map of EVE online (7:59) PVP ares (Security status of systems) (10:08) Market of EVE Online (11:38) Fitting / Equipping your ship (13:19) Types of ship defences / tank (14:44) How to buy a new ship (16:59) Skilling / Leveling system of EVE (17:59) Subscription model in EVE (19:17) How to mine rocks (20:53) How to craft items (24:48) How to do a mission / quest (26:09) Bookmarks / saving locations (32:56) Directional scanner (D-scan) (33:56) Exploration using Core scanner probes (35:23) Fit used: [Leshak, Simulated Leshak Fitting] Entropic Radiation Sink II Entropic Radiation Sink II Entropic Radiation Sink II Damage Control II Tracking Enhancer II Dark Blood Large Armor Repairer Reactive Armor Hardener Tracking Enhancer II Core B-Type 500MN Microwarpdrive Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery Federation Navy Stasis Webifier Heavy Stasis Grappler II Supratidal Entropic Disintegrator II Auto Targeting System I Large Remote Armor Repairer II Large Remote Armor Repairer II Small Tractor Beam II Large Auxiliary Nano Pump II Large Capacitor Control Circuit II Large Capacitor Control Circuit I Salvage Drone II x5 Hornet II x5 Praetor II x4 Wasp II x4 Microwave L x1 Standard L x1 Ultraviolet L x1 Gamma L x1 Multifrequency L x1 Blood Dagger Firework x200 Tracking Speed Script x2 Blood Microwave L x1 Crimson Scythes Firework x200 Core Scanner Probe I x16 Occult L x4233 Mystic L x4256 Tetrimon Precision Booster I x1 Agency 'Hardshell' TB3 Dose I x1 Basic 'Radiance' Cerebral Accelerator x1 Harvest Damage Booster II x1 Harvest Nosferatu Booster III x1 Upgraded Thermal Coating I x1 Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier x1 500MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive x1 500MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive x2 J5 Enduring Warp Disruptor x1 #eve #eveonline #eveonlinegameplay WHAT IS EVE ONLINE? EVE Online is a community-driven spaceship MMO where players can play free, choosing their own path from countless options. Experience space exploration, immense PvP and PvE battles and a thriving player economy in an ever-expanding sandbox. Participate in many in-game professions and activities, including war, politics, piracy, trading, and exploration, across 7,000 star systems with hundreds of thousands of other players.

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to EVE Online in 2023 for New Players


Let's Play EVE Online with Renfail as he dives into the ultimate beginner's guide for new players who are looking to play EVE Online for the first time in 2023. For more EVE Online new player guides, tutorials, Let's Play videos, streams, and more, make sure to follow the Renfail Plays EVE Online playlist here: 🤍 - Join as a member to support and get access member-only videos and perks: 🤍 You can also drop SuperThanks on uploads, or SuperChats during premieres and livestreams! Follow on Twitch for the multistreams! 🤍 Don't forget the Discord! 🤍 #letsplay #renfail #eveonline

The EVE Online Experience - Play For Free (Trailer)


EVE Online is the space, sandbox MMORPG that goes beyond anything you've experienced before. Every decision counts. Every journey is unique. Every pilot has a different tale. Play for free: 🤍 Subscribe to our channel 🤍 Join us on Facebook 🤍 Visit updates.eveonline.com for the latest updates, expansions, and player gatherings

EVE Vanguard | In Focus – First Strike


Discover what you can expect from EVE Vanguard's 'First Strike' event with a deep dive featuring some of the developers behind the exciting new FPS module being introduced into EVE Online. First Strike allows active Omega players to go boots-on-the-ground in New Eden, contribute directly to corruption in Insurgency war zones, and try out the new experience in its early stages. Register today: 🤍 #EVEVanguard

I found the BIGGEST ship in EVE Online


You can Become A Space Millionaire Too and get 1,000,000 skillpoints: 🤍 Check out my live stream NOW at 🤍

EVE Vanguard Aims to Be the EVE FPS That Dust 514 Wasn’t


We got our first look at an early version of EVE Vanguard, the extraction-style first-person shooter that aims to do for EVE Online what Dust 514 could not. Previewed by Leana Hafer.

Welcome to New Eden A Beginner's Guide to EVE Online 2023


Get 1 Million Skill Points for free! Set yourself up for a great start : 🤍 Use the Referal Code to create an account and receive 1 million SP or use the referral link retroactively to still redeem 1m SP. PVP Guide: 🤍 Interested in using pathfinder? 🤍 Ashy in Space Blog: 🤍 r/EVE Jobs: 🤍 EVE Forum Corps: 🤍 Zkillboard: 🤍 Data/Relic Site Guide: 🤍 Making 1 Billion isk in 90 minutes: 🤍 Little Red Riding Hole (RE-HO German Corp): 🤍 Almost Dangerous (OMGGF English Corp): 🤍 Wolves Playlist: 🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:16 Starting off in EVE Online 00:40 a look at the UI 01:23 Tutorial and Career Agents 02:20 Skills in EVE 04:40 Skill-less Ships 05:25 What do you do in EVE? 07:08 Mission running 08:40 Choosing and Joining a Corp 09:50 PVP in a nutshell 11:05 Getting Help in EVE Online If you're interested in EVE online use my referral link to get 1 Million skill points for free! Set yourself up for a great start : 🤍 Like the music? Check out Artlist 🤍 🤍 Here is a collection of music we use 🤍 Do you like Coffee? I do! 🤍 Looking for a Hosting Service? Check out Hostinger: 🤍

EVE Online | The Scope - Bowhead Ambush


Watch as Alton Haveri reports for the Scope on the latest developments from Pirate Insurgency zones, where the Guristas Pirates ambushed a task force including heavily modified Mordu’s Legion Bowhead freighters. With one of the freighters crash-landing on the planet of Hevrice III, it is rumored that the Deathless Circle have deployed experimental “Vanguard” clone troops to the planet to retrieve equipment valuable to their interests. Start playing EVE for free at 🤍 #EVEOnline #spacegames #mmo #scifi

The BEST START In EVE Online!! || EVE Online


#CaptainBenzie #EVEEchoes #EVEOnline EVE Online is a very complex and deep game, even moreso than EVE Echoes! If you're playing Echoes and have considered trying EO, then here's the perfect guide to get you started! 🌟🌟 GET YOUR NAME IN THE STARS!! 🌟🌟 Get your name in the stars via Patreon! 🤍 👕 MERCHANDISE AVAILABLE!! 🤍 🚀🚀 ::FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA:: 🚀🚀 🐦 • TWITTER 🤍 🔊 • DISCORD 🤍 📘 • FACEBOOK 🤍

I Played EVE Vanguard and it's Really Good


EVE Vanguard is an upcoming extraction shooter being developed by CCP and set in the EVE Online universe, and you know what? It's actually pretty good! Subscribe and stuff, not that I even care or anything... Twitch: 🤍 Steam: 🤍 Discord: Don't have one Claim 1 million free skillpoints by signing up through our refer a friend link (much appreciated): 🤍 #evevanguard #eveonline #gaming

EVE online in 10 Minuten!


Danke an meinen Sponsor Pinecone! Schau dir hier die Cash Preise für deine Meinungen über Produkte und Firmen an: 🤍 - Es ist nur über Einladung verfügbar also ist mein Link dein Weg da rein! Eve online ist ein Weltraum MMO, das vor allem für seine epischen (und teils teuren) Schlachten und seine große Systemtiefe bekannt ist. Ich habe mich als Neuling in das Spiel hineingeworfen und präsentiere euch in den gewohnten 10 Minuten meinen ersten Eindruck vom free to play MMO :) Viel Spaß! Hier stream ich live auf Twitch: 🤍 Epic Games Creator Code: "Entenburg" Discord: 🤍 Battlenet: Entenburg 2262 Außerdem immer eine große Hilfe: Liken, Kommentieren, Abonnieren! Meine Ausstattung: Mikrofon: Rode NT-1 A - 🤍 * Grafikkarte: RTX 2080 Super - 🤍 * Tastatur: HyperX HX-KB5ME2 - 🤍 * Maus: Logitech G203 - 🤍 * Headset: Razer Kraken - 🤍 * Kamera: Logitech C920 - 🤍 * Lautsprecher: Logitech Z313 - 🤍 * *Hierbei handelt es sich um Affiliate-Links. Durch einen Kauf über diesen Link werde ich am Umsatz beteiligt. Dies hat für Dich keine Auswirkungen auf den Preis. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Socialmedia▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🤍 🤍 Hier gehts zu meinem Zweitkanal: 🤍 #eveonline

EVE Online: Citadel Cinematic Trailer


Get ready to set your dreams on fire! Feature-rich, player-constructed citadels, force auxiliary support ships, over 100 new modules, and explosive capital superweapons raise the bar on empire building and territorial control in massively multiplayer online gaming. Build your dreams, wreck theirs. The EVE Online: Citadel expansion arrives 27 April 2016. The trailer was premiered at EVE Fanfest 2016. Music: "Wrecking Machine" by Permaband Subscribe to our channel [🤍 Join us on Facebook [🤍 For more about 27 April's EVE Online: Citadel, check out:🤍 View the Citadel feature tour: 🤍 To start playing EVE for free, head over to 🤍

Why EVE Online Is Unlike Any Other Game


We asked some of the most dedicated EVE Online fans why people should be getting involved. ­ Follow IGN for more! ­ IGN OFFICIAL APP: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 WEBSITE: 🤍 GOOGLE+: 🤍

EVE Online - Biggest Ever Battle Captured Footage


EVE Online's biggest ever battle was recorded on 23 January, with over 6000 players in the same star system. Watch as two huge coalitions of players fight tooth and nail, with The Imperium looking to destroy Pandemic Horde’s Keepstar citadel. Despite the siege lasting hours, and the largest deployment of forces ever seen, the Keepstar survived. The battle continues, though, as the Keepstar will be vulnerable to attack once more on Monday 29 January. Start playing EVE for free at 🤍 To learn more about current, past, and future updates, head to 🤍

EVE Online's Self Imposed Economic Collapse - How Money Works


A few years ago the galaxy within EVE Online was facing a problem. Abundance. An abundance of materials, an abundance of fuel, an abundance of high paying income sources, and an abundance of safe space to harvest these materials, fuels and space dollars. Now while that might sound like a really good problem to have, (and it would be in the real world) It does cause some problems in a video game. The biggest problem simply being that is boring. Try playing GTA 5 with god mode hacks turned on, after punching some fighter jets out of the sky you are going to get bored pretty fast, and people WERE getting bored. The largest groups in EVE online were up until recently playing a game of “build as much as you possibly can so it becomes almost impossible for any smaller group to ever catch up”. #EVEOnline #Finance #HowMoneyWorks _ Part 1 - 🤍 Part 2 - 🤍 Part 3 - 🤍 Music by Epidemic Sound & Eve Online Original Soundtrack Sign Up Link (if you want to try out the game) - 🤍 (This link gives both you and I rewards in the game)

Graveyard Of Titans - The Massacre at M2-XFE - The Largest Battle Fought in EVE-Online


Get 1 million skillpoints when you sign up and subscribe to the game with my referral. 🤍 World War Bee 2 reaches its boiling point with the largest and the most destructive and largest battle ever fought in EVE Online. Over 250 titans were lost over the course of the 12+ hours engagement with over 5000 pilots in the system. Well over 4000 ships or ~$350,000 USD of assets were destroyed in the battle, setting yet another world record...in 4K 2.39 aspect ratio. 🤍 Part II update coming eventually, theres a lot of information to digest, please give me some time. #eveonline #eve #eveonlinegameplay

The Multimillion Dollar Wars of EVE Online


soul crushing capitalism is more fun when you can blow spaceships up with it WATCH LIVE ► 🤍 TWITTER ►🤍 DISCORD ► 🤍 REDDIT ► 🤍 Edited by BryGuy | 🤍 #atrioc #stream #eve

EVE Online: The Prophecy (Fanfest 2014 Trailer)


Since the dawn of man, knowledge has always come at a price. There are those who believe the cost is justified, that what can be learned or gained outweighs the sacrifice they may face. Others believe some doors are meant to remain closed.

How to start EVE Online: Part 1 - Tutorial


No Prior Knowledge required! New player guide to EVE Online. Get 1 mil FREE Skillpoints on a new character: 🤍 Timestamps: Start (0:00) Why eve is so good (0:38) Overview of the series (2:07) Before you make a character use this link (3:11) Making a character (4:12) Tutorial Start (6:26) Piloting your ship (7:35) Warping (12:05) Editing the overview (12:30) Stations (13:35) Agency (14:03) Station services (14:20) Using Weapons & Locking (15:22) Orbiting & Keeping range (16:04) Wallet (16:36) Stopping the ship (17:23) Capacitor (18:15) Tanking (19:09) Skills in EVE (19:54) How to get skills (21:53) Alpha & Omega Clones (23:45) PLEX system (28:15) Skillbooks (30:12) Recommended Skills to train (33:06) Tracking command (38:03) Ship classes (38:30) Chat system (39:48) Scams in EVE (41:08) Corporations (42:25) Rookie help (42:50) Inventories (43:20) Assets tab (43:53) Fitting tab (44:35) High, mid, low slots (45:20) Market in EVE (46:04) Optimal range & Falloff (48:00) Transversal & turret tracking (48:55) Sorting overview (50:07) How to set destinations (51:10) Career Agents (51:40) #eveonline #eveonlineguide #eveonlinetutorial WHAT IS EVE ONLINE? EVE Online is a community-driven spaceship MMO where players can play free, choosing their own path from countless options. Experience space exploration, immense PvP and PvE battles and a thriving player economy in an ever-expanding sandbox. Participate in many in-game professions and activities, including war, politics, piracy, trading, and exploration, across 7,000 star systems with hundreds of thousands of other players.

I Was The FIRST To Play EVE Vanguard!!


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Eve Online - Początek rozgrywki


Zarejestruj się oraz pobierz grę z mojego linku i odbierz 1 000 000 punktów umiejętności! 🤍 Hej :) Dzisiaj przyjrzymy się grze Eve Online, której akcja dzieje się w kosmosie. Jest to kosmiczne MMO gdzie wybierając imperium walczymy z przeciwnikami :) Społeczność Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Ask: Społeczność Facebook: 🤍 Sklep Cupsell: 🤍 Sklep Teetres: 🤍

How To Play EVE Vanguard!! (...Even If You Keep Disconnecting!)


#captainbenzie #EVEEchoes #EVEOnline #evevanguard #fanfest 🚀 • • • • • • • • • • • Come join EVE Online! • • • • • • • • • • •🚀 Use my referral link to get 1 MILLION Skill Points Free - even if you've already started playing!! 🤍 🚀 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 🚀 💫 • DONATE TO SUPPORT 🤍 🌟 • PATREON 🤍 👕 MERCHANDISE AVAILABLE!! 🤍 🔊 • JOIN THE CATSKULL DISCORD!! 🤍 🐦 • TWITTER/INSTAGRAM 🤍CptBenzie

La BATALLA Mas GRANDE Jamas Librada En Un VIDEOJUEGO | La batalla de B-R5RB (EVE ONLINE)


AYÚDANOS VISITANDO NUESTRA PAGINA EN PATREON! 🤍 VUELVETE MIENBRO DEL CANAL!: 🤍 ¡O AYUDANOS DIRECTAMENTE POR PAYPAL! 🤍 Sígueme en las redes sociales ;) FACEBOOK ➡ 🤍 TWITTER ➡ 🤍 INSTAGRAM ➡ 🤍 SUSCRIBETE! ➡ 🤍 CONSULTAS EMPRESARIALES ➡ ShadowproductionSW🤍gmail.com (Tambien si quieres enviar un tema, sugerencia para un video, fan-art o agradecimientos, utiliza el correo de arriba) #EveOnline #B-R5RB #Shadow

Solo Vargur VS 6 Marauders. My most epic PVP fight ever - eve online 2023


Hey, it's QOODROOQ again, and I've got one of the best fights I've ever had in my space career. Check out the video and don't blink, you might miss some important details. I tried to commentate on all the fight's details so new players can pick up some useful tips and tricks. But man, it's so annoying when someone calls you in the middle of a fight... 🤙 Give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video ☝️ And don't forget to hit SUBSCRIBE button! FLY SAFE! And here is a couple of other great fights I had: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Credits: Music: Tensions Run High by Soundridemusic Link to Video: 🤍 #eve #solo #pvp #2023

The Economy of EVE Online


This video was made possible by our Patreon community! ❤️ See new videos early, participate in exclusive Q&As, and more! ➡️ 🤍 ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ EVE Online is a massively multiplayer online game that is probably best known for articles about massive space battles with tens of thousands of players, or stories about in-game con men screwing over their allies after years of friendship. BUT! EVE online is interesting for a bigger reason though that is often overlooked, and that is its amazingly realistic economy. In this video, we explore one of the player nation-states and see how crazy realistic the economy of a video game about spaceships can be. This is not sponsored by the Imperium, EVE online, or its developer, CCP games (but they are more than welcome to send me a cheque!). ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ Enjoyed the video? Comment below! 💬 ⭑ Subscribe to Economics Explained 👉 🤍 ⭑ Enjoyed? Hit the like button! 👍 Q&A Streams on EEII (2nd channel) → 🤍 ✉️ Business Enquiries → hello🤍economicsexplained.com Follow EE on social media: Twitter 🐦 → 🤍 Facebook → 🤍 Instagram → 🤍 #EVE #MMO #Economics ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ EE Fan Exclusive Offer: Sign-up for Acorns! 👉 🤍 (after registration, Acorns will deposit $5 in your account to help you get started with investing!) ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ECONOMICS EXPLAINED IS MADE POSSIBLE BY OUR PATREON COMMUNITY 👊🙏 Support EE by becoming a Patron today! 👉 🤍 The video you’re watching right now would not exist without the monthly support provided by our generous Patrons: Morgon Goranson, Andy Potanin, Wicked Pilates, Tadeáš Ursíny, Logan, Angus Clydesdale, Michael G Harding, Hamad AL-Thani, Conrad Reuter, Tom Szuszai, Ryan Katz, Jack Doe, Igor Bazarny, Ronnie Henriksen, Irsal Mashhor, LT Marshall, Zara Armani, Bharath Chandra Sudheer, Dalton Flanagan, Andrew Harrison, Hispanidad, Michael Tan, Michael A. Dunn, Alex Gogan, Mariana Velasque, Bejomi, Sugga Daddy, Matthew Collinge, Kamar, Kekomod, Edward Flores, Brent Bohlken, Bobby Trusardi, Bryan Alvarez, EmptyMachine, Snuggle Boo Boo ThD, Christmas

EVE Online - Reign Quadrant 1 Trailer (2021)


Achieve tactical supremacy and victory in New Eden with EVE Online's new Quadrant "Reign", the first in 2021! Start your galactic adventure - play for free at 🤍 Launching a new year of Quadrants after 2020's successful introduction of themed content for EVE, Reign brings with it exciting new updates to fleets and travel, continuous balance and meta changes, plus returning events such as the Guardian's Gala and The Hunt. Music & Sound Design: Makewaves Audio Start playing EVE for free at 🤍 For past, present and future of EVE Online visit 🤍

️EVE Online | The Caldari State


The Caldari State is a corporate nation under eight all-encompassing megacorps, arising from a desolate, unforgiving homeworld that shaped the Caldari into an austere and resilient people willing to embrace pragmatic hierarchies in service of the greater good. From employee to CEO, all Caldari are committed to the preservation of family, corporation, the State, and their way of life – no matter the cost. Read more about the Caldari and the vast world of EVE at 🤍 #eveonline #mmo #spacegames #scifi #backstory Start playing EVE for free at 🤍

EVE Online - Starting Out in EVE [Tutorial]


Take your first steps in EVE Online with confidence after watching this tutorial, including information on character creation, your on-board AI "Aura", progression and the paths you can take when you start out. Career Agents and The Agency will help you discover the many ways in which you can embark on your own personal space adventure! Start playing EVE for free at 🤍 To learn more about current, past, and future updates, head to 🤍

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